Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cranston Chess Club Membership

Club membership is $15/year, $10/year for youth(<19) and seniors(55+).  Club membership is not required to play in our tournaments.  However, members have reduced entry fees ($3/game for members, vs. $5/game for non-members).

At our club meeting this year it was decided to transition all memberships to the same expiration date, (4/30/2014).  This should simplify the membership process.  Eventually, everyone will be on the "April to April" schedule.

All new memberships and renewal of expired memberships will have the new expiration date.  Current club members will only be required to pay a prorated membership fee for the time between when their membership expires and the new date.

A "half-dues" option will be available to members wishing to join/renew between November and April.

- Current Cranston Chess Club Members -

Carlos Avalos - 10/31/2013
Artur Bagdasaryan - 7/31/2013
David Barrett - 7/31/2013
Eric Berkey - 12/31/2013
Ed Burnett - 7/31/2013
Neal Buxton - 10/31/2013
Michael Coppa - 6/30/2013
Frank Delbonis - 6/30/2013
Dan Dicecco - 10/31/2013
Richard Dusza - 10/31/2013
Marc Ferretti - 4/30/2014
Louis Giarrusso - 4/30/2013
John Lundell - 7/31/2013
John Magill - 1/31/2014
P.J. Marchand - 2/28/2014
Mark Neale - 8/31/2013
Sarah Renshaw - 4/30/2013
Greg Rickson - 8/31/2013
Stephen Sigman - 8/31/2013
Ben Swiszcz - 4/30/2014
Frank Vogel - 3/31/2014
Nathan Wilcox - 7/31/2013
Boris Zhevelyuk - 6/30/2013

- Expired Membership -

Robert Botelho, Grant Brandon, Matthew Coffin, Michael Elwell, Luis Flores, Stephen Hall, Nicholas Liotta, Rick Massimo, Jean Mclevedge, Lucas Nevola, Clarke Nichols, Earl Salisbury, Ira Shepard, Cory Silva, Eric Zuberi

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