Tuesday, April 16, 2013

CCC APRIL - Week #3

Our April swiss tournament continues...

Next Tuesday (April 23) will be the last round of this event.  Prizes* will be given to 1st, 2nd and Top-Under-Median**

Week #3 Results
0-1 - Ed Burnett (W) - Mark Neale (B)
0-1 - Marc Ferretti (W) - Boris Zhevelyuk (B)
0-1 - Frank Vogel (W) - Richard Dusza (B)
0-1 - Bryan Broche (W) - Cameron Pita (B)
1-0 - Yang Ming Zou (W) - Naythan Delgado (B)
1-0 - Alex Shtutin (W) - P.J. Marchand (B)
1/2 - Louis Giarrusso (W) - John Magill (B)

Week #3 Standings
2.5 - Mark Neale, Boris Zhevelyuk
2.0 - Richard Dusza
1.5 - Benjamin Swiszcz, Edwin Burnett, Cameron Pita, Yang Ming Zou, Alex Shtutin
1.0 - Marc Ferretti
0.5 - Frank Vogel, John Magill, Louis Giarrusso, P.J. Marchand, Bryan Boche, Naythan Delgado

* The prize fund is equal to 85% of the entry fees collected.  1st receives 55% of the prize fund, 2nd receives 30% and Top-Under-Median receives 15%.
** The tournament median rating is calculated by averaging the weekly median rating of the players that played each week.  Top-Under-Median is the highest scoring player with a published rating that is lower than the tournament median.  The April 2013 rating supplement is being used for this tournament.

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