Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The Cranston Chess Club held its APRIL BLITZ tournament on April 30. Our first blitz rated event.  Ten players + six rounds + three hours = One exciting evening of chess.  G/7;d3 is quite a change of pace from our normal 40/70,SD/30;d5 time control.

Stay tuned, we may do something similar on the 5th Tuesday of July.

Final Blitz Standings
5.0 - Dan Dicecco
4.5 - Mark Neale
4.0 - Alex Shtutin, Frank Vogel
3.5 - Richard Dusza
3.0 - Boris Zhevelyuk, P.J. Marchand
2.0 - Louis Giarrusso
1.0 - Gil Bircault
0.0 - Marc Ferretti

There is not much time for recording your game in blitz.  Here is the only record of any of the games.  The final position...
Black to Move.
Note: White started on rank #8 and Black on #1.  It's blitz, that doesn't mater!

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